Friday, June 27, 2014

AC leak: Repair or Replace?

Are you preparing to make the decision whether it’s best to repair or replace your old air conditioning system?  In some cases, it may be in your best interest to invest the money you would spend on repairing the old equipment on a new system. 
I recently came across an article that discussed this conundrum.  Here is a simple approach that makes a lot of sense to me, the $5,000 rule. 
Here’s how it works:  Multiply the age of the equipment by the estimated repair cost.  If the result is higher than $5,000, replacement is probably your best bet.  If it is lower, you might do better to invest in repair.  For example, if the estimate to repair is $896 on a 10 year old system, the $5,000 rule of thumb indicates that you should replace your system.
Another factor to consider is refrigerant when determining whether to repair or replace.  If your unit has a leak and it uses R-22, adding several pounds of refrigerant can range from $550 to $1000.  The price of R-22 has risen dramatically as HVAC manufacturers stopped producing units that use R-22 in 2010.  It’s all about supply & demand.
Other factors to consider when determining if you need a new AC:
1.       How well the unit actually cools your home. 
2.       How often you have to call a technician for service.
3.       The size of your energy bills and how long you expect to live in your home.
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